A New Blog

"Hello, World!"

That is the traditional message that is printed to the screen upon the execution of the first program that most people ever learn to write, no matter the programming language. I'm hoping that using it will serve as a good omen, and this blog will be successful, and I'll be able to keep with it for more than a week.

Why am I doing this I hear you asking (ok, I may be asking). It's simple, I feel like writing more would benefit me. Besides getting to share things that I learn or experience, writing gives me a chance to really reflect on whatever I'm writing about, since I have to understand it to put it down in text. Also, I like to think that someone someday will stumble across this blog and find something amusing/useful (bonus if it's both at the same time).

So, now that I've set everything up, I'm going to find something else to do away from the computer, since taking breaks is a good thing.


p.s. I suck at spelling and grammar, so any mistakes are completely my own, but I'll gladly blame my spellchecker if I think I can get away with it.