A New Blogging Platform

So, if you've read posts on this blog before, you probably notice that everything looks different. This is because I recently transferred to a new blogging platform called Ghost which is pretty awesome. Not only does it make things easier for you, dear reader, but also it greatly simplifies the process that I have to go through to add new entries to this blog.

The way that I change and can add new features to the blog makes a lot more sense to me, so I can now change the layout and add new features like Facebook-powered commenting (coming soon). I can now add entries without having to spin up an Ubuntu virtual machine (don't ask, part of my old extremely complicated workflow), so I can blog from anywhere. I hope this means that there will be more blogs, especially as I travel.

Speaking of that, since I was migrating all of my old blog entries by hand, I added some old (yet new again) content. Friends of mine on Facebook will know that I typically create "miniblogs" as I am traveling, and post them as status updates. But now that I have a dedicated place, I can do that here! To celebrate this new capability, I have added a series of posts from 2013 chronicling my trip to Guide Dogs for the Blind, and receiving Simba. I have edited them slightly, fixing a few spelling and grammatical errors, but essentially left them unchanged. To get started, go check out my day of travel to GDB.

Anyway, until the next update!