Restoring the old Spellcheck Dialog in Microsoft Word 2013

For years now, I've steadfastly clung to Microsoft Office 2007 for a number of reasons. Recently, I found myself with the opportunity to upgrade to a modern version. For the most part, things work the way that they should, with one exception that is a complete showstopper.

In Microsoft Word


Installing Accessible_output2 Under Python 3.4 on Windows

Here's a quick post on how to install Accessible_output2, and how to use it from Python 3.4. I'm writing this since I didn't find any tutorials when I did a quick web search. As with all things technology, by the time you read this, it may be out


Follow-up: The Switch to NVDA Isn't so Bad

Just as a follow-up to my previous post, my switch to NVDA has actually gone a lot more smoothly than I thought. Many keystrokes of NVDA mirror Jaws' keystrokes, with the exception of a few less common ones, such as "pass next keystroke to application." In Jaws, I pressed insert+


A Rant on the Frustrations of Jaws for Windows

This post is based on a Facebook accessibility rant which has been expanded to include background information and edited for clarity. It is also brought to you by the letter "W," because seriously "WTF!"

After completing my last hobby project a few weeks ago, which was building a network-attached storage


Getting Speakup to run on Ubuntu 13.10

Since I've been fighting with this for a while, I thought I would post the method that I used to get Speakup running on Ubuntu server edition. This should work on the desktop version as well, but I have no idea what packages may be already installed and whatnot.